1. Increasing competitiveness in society

No matter how big or small we may be in the future, our state must be able to guarantee equal respect and inclusion for everyone. We can see that this will possible with technology and through more effective state governance. It is the only way to guarantee the sustainability and competitiveness of the state in the light of a decreasing population.


2. Increasing the benefits of entrepreneurship

Our state must trust its entrepreneurs more by making the balance of taxes more beneficial to entrepreneurship. We believe lower labour taxes will boost the qualifications and ability of Estonian businesses to break through on the international market. This will happen first and foremost through the hiring of a smarter, more experienced workforce. Practice in the rest of the world shows that more successful and broad-ranging businesses pay more taxes in total, creating more value for society. Because trust engenders loyalty.


3. Independent citizens

Every person should have the right to decide whether and how they will use the health benefits earned through their work. Their healthcare money should move with them. This will increase their responsibility for their own health and will drastically improve the quality of healthcare.


4. Raising the level of education

The state should direct support to university students so as for them to be able to decide where to study in a free education market. Competition would improve the level of higher education in both public and private universities. The partial or complete privatisation of state universities would increase their effectiveness and improve their financial position.